About Jim Dolan, the Artist

Jim Dolan, the artist

Jim Dolan is a metal sculptor based out of Bozeman, MT. For the past 40 years, Jim has created over 170 large-scale public pieces world-wide as well as hundreds of private pieces. Jim’s style of welding steel and other metals into realistic representations is unique among sculptors. He is particularly well-known for his western wildlife, the realism of which has been evidenced by live wildlife mistaking Jim’s sculptures for part of the heard. These pieces have ranged from table-top size to a golden eagle with a 36 foot wingspan, installed in Osaka, Japan.

Jim is also known for his three-dimensional, heat-endured metal paintings and for his architectural design elements. Jim’s art has been inspired by the beauty and complexity of nature and by individuals with exceptional talent or passion. His work intends to inspire others to appreciate nature and pursue their own talents and passions.

Contact Jim

Tel: 1-406-570-4731
Email: jim@jimdolanart.com