For the last 50 years, Jim Dolan has created art that inspires, delights, and enchants. Inspired by the beauty that surrounds him, Jim creates imaginative pieces of art from table top sculptures to larger-than-life scenes.

Jim Dolan Art is found around the world, from his 39 steel Bleu Horses near Three Forks, Montana, to his 36-foot wingspan sea eagle in Osaka, Japan. 

If you’re interested in learning more about his work, commissioning a piece, or exploring his current inventory, reach out

About Jim

Jim Dolan is a metal sculptor with a career spanning more than five decades. His portfolio includes over 170 large-scale public pieces worldwide and thousands of private pieces. Jim’s style of welding steel and other metals into realistic representations is unique among sculptors. His sculptures range from table-top size to a sea eagle with a 36-foot wingspan, in Osaka, Japan. He also creates three-dimensional, heat-endured metal paintings and architectural design elements. Observing the beauty and complexity of nature, Jim seeks to inspire others to appreciate nature and pursue their talents and passions.

Jim lives near Bozeman, Montana, and welcomes visitors to his studio. Contact Jim to learn more about his art or to plan a visit.

Jim Dolan in his studio near Bozeman, MT

Public Art

Jim loves sharing his art. Over the course of his 50 year career, he’s created more than 170 public art pieces installed the United States and abroad. Currently, he has public art sculptures in about 15 states and several in Japan.

Explore the map linked below to discover his more well known public art pieces, including the Bleu Horses. To learn more about his public art, contact Jim.


Jim Dolan’s portfolio is wide-ranging, from small pieces to giants. Creating metal art and sculpture for more than 50 years, Jim is never without an idea. Using a variety of materials, such as steel, brass, and copper, Jim creates original pieces of metal. His art ranges from representational to impressionistic. He loves adding humor more into his art. His whimsy is seen most clearly through pieces like the Whimsical Giraffe and Three Buck Truck.

One of his most well-known pieces is the Bleu Horses installation. This herd of 39 metal horses grazes on the side of a hill near Three Forks, Montana. Jim gifted the Bleu Horses to the people of the state of Montana for their years of support. It’s become a must-see installation for Montanans and visitors alike.

Below is a snapshot of Jim Dolan’s portfolio, including public and private pieces. For more information on his public art, explore Jim’s public art page.


Jim’s never met a stranger in his life!

Jim loves meeting new people, sharing old stories, and inviting folks to visit his studio outside of Bozeman, Montana.